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Practicing Journalism cover
A national report on values of the Fourth Estate in the digital age

Practicing Journalism

The Power and Purpose of the Fourth Estate

By Paul Steinle and Sara Brown

$24.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781936863631

 Ethics, Media Management, Writing and Reporting

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An uplifting testament to why skilled, fair, and fearless journalism is worth saving. —JACK HART, former managing editor and writing coach, The Oregonian, and author of Storycraft and A Writer’s Coach

Although the ‘aha’ moments here are quite varied, all of the reflections have one thing in common: These distinguished journalists spent most of their professional lives knowing they are making a positive difference in their communities. Not everyone can say that. —LUCY DALGLISH, Dean and Professor, Philip Merrill College of Journalism, University of Maryland

An insider's view of newspaper industry leaders ' beliefs in their craft and the reasons why newspaper journalism is so important to the communities they serve. —DOUG CREWS, executive director, Missouri Press Association

Were I a teacher of first-year journalism students, this book would be required reading. —DENNIS R. RYERSON, former editor, The Indianapolis Star

An ambitious project of discovery, this insightful collection of epiphanies documents the varied reasons journalists remain dedicated to reporting the news. Using profiles and first-person interviews with 91American journalists, this book showcases the dedication of reporters, editors and publishers in their communities. It explores journalistic values in the digital age — digging deep, influencing change, serving communities, challenging authorities, and embracing empathy. Candid and engaging, this collection examines the ethical challenges of the job while offering hope that journalism can serve society and further American democracy.