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Klara's Journey cover
A war-time romance during the Russian revolution

Klara's Journey

A Novel

By Ben G. Frank

$17.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781936863471

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A gripping account of the Russian Civil War and its consequences, this
historical novel introduces an unforgettable heroine. A few weeks after
the October Bolshevik Revolution, as civil war looms, an argument ensues
in the Jewish home of the Rasputnis’ over who should make the long trek
to Canada to find their father. He left Odessa for work in Winnipeg to
send money for the family to join him, but no one has heard from him in
months. Despite objection from her ambitious younger brother, it is
17-year-old Klara who is nominated for this impossible task. Leaving
Moscow on the newly built Trans-Siberian railway she confronts
threadbare armies, famished beggars, violent protesters, and her own
hunger, but defies the odds when she meets a young soldier who offers
her protection. Painstakingly researched, this vivid portrait exposes
the violence of the time and explains why many Russian Jews left for
America—all within the realm of an adventurous and enduring love story. A
brief historical and political synopsis of the events around Klara's
travels is provided at the beginning of each chapter.