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The Big Book of Wordplay Crosswords cover
Unique and Challenging Puzzles for Wordplay Lovers

The Big Book of Wordplay Crosswords

Unique and Challenging Puzzles for Wordplay Lovers

By Richard Lederer and Gayle Dean

$14.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781936863365

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A rousing collection of crossword puzzles from humorist and wordplay
expert Richard Lederer and award-winning puzzle constructor Gayle Dean,
this book presents 100 original crossword puzzles that include amusing,
witty, and highly challenging themes. The brain-teasing collection
features palindromes, anagrams, puns, rhymes, bloopers, and jokes and
allows readers to flex their crossword-solving muscles with weighty
puzzle sections that include It's a Punderful Life, The Antics of
Semantics, The Game Is the Name, and Letter-Perfect Puzzles. Each of the
challenging puzzles designed to stretch wordplay skills includes an
introduction from author Richard Lederer.