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The SABEW Stylebook, 2nd Edition cover
An A-to-Z stylebook that decodes business jargon

The SABEW Stylebook, 2nd Edition

2,000 Business Terms Defined and Rated

By Chris Roush and Bill Cloud

$29.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781936863198

 Business Journalism

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An essential interpretive guide for business journalists striving to make the arcane clear to readers. Very practical references for today's changing business climate. —Patrick Scott, finance editor of The New York Times

A comprehensive reference tool for virtually every phrase a business or economics reporter or editor needs to know. An indispensable guide both for specialists and especially for those who get thrust into covering business or economic stories. —Greg David, Crain’s New York Business

No newsroom should be without a copy of this thorough and handy reference. —Pamela Luecke, Reynolds professor of business journalism, Washington & Lee University

Simplifying the terms and phrases that make business reporting difficult, this handbook is an essential tool for all business journalists. Including a rating system for terminology and suggestions on word usage for difficult stories, this comprehensive stylebook offers guidance on business journalism-related legal and ethical issues on insider trading, disclosure of market-sensitive information and whether a business reporter can own stock. This thorough guide is an excellent, unique resource for financial journalists, business communicators and journalism students alike. The Society of American Business Editors and Writers was formed in 1964 to promote superior coverage of business and economic events and issues.