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A Tribute to Teachers cover
Inspiring and humorous commentary on the most challenging profession

A Tribute to Teachers

Wit and Wisdom, Information and Inspiration About Those Who Change Our Lives

By Richard Lederer

$12.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781936863020

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A lovely little handbook that any student or writer would find useful. —Washington Independent Review

Teachers have never needed a book like this more than right now. —Language Magazine

This book would be the perfect gift for any beloved teacher, past or present. —Arthur Benjamin, author of Secrets of Mental Math

Winner 2012 San Diego Book Award for Best Self-Help & Inspirational book

Applauding the true heroes of the classroom, this compilation looks closely at the teachers who change lives one day and one lesson at a time. Instructors from all backgrounds are covered, from literature and poetry to film and even those captured in comic strips. Detailed statistics are presented, proving that teachers really do make a difference, and a collection of side-splitting jokes and riddles celebrate the most unheralded, exhausting, income-challenged, and ultimately, rewarding of all professions. Chapters include "Sunday School Bloopers," "Students Say the Darnedest Things," and "The Classroom Lives of Real Teachers."