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The Little Grammar Book cover
The writer's defense against the "Dirty Dozen"

The Little Grammar Book

First Aid for Writers

By Joe Hayden

$9.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781933338996

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A pocket-size crash course ... It's handy. It's easy to thumb through. It's got cartoon work by Hayden himself. And it covers the basics of English grammar as painlessly as possible ... —Leonard Gill, book editor and copyeditor at The Memphis Flyer

Rather than attempting to comprise all aspects of grammar the way that standard texts do, this concise guide simply covers the "Dirty Dozen"--the twelve most common grammatical mistakes--demonstrating how to fix them with a variety of fresh examples. The compact and convenient format makes it ideal for rendering quick-and-easy "first aid" in the field, presenting its material creatively and visually in a simplified, graphic approach. Ideal for anyone from high school students to middle-aged office workers, this reference is the all-inclusive solution for those who need answers immediately, proving that getting help with grammar doesn't have to be boring or burdensome.