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Favorite Words of Famous People cover
A delightful, bedazzling, eccentric, amusing, insightful, delectable treat

Favorite Words of Famous People

A Celebration of Superior Words from Writers, Educators, Scientists, and Humorists

By Lewis Frumkes

$12.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781933338903

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The favorite words of 250 of the best and brightest contemporary
thinkers and creators are collected in this volume that no
self-respecting word lover should be without. From Secretary of State
Hillary Clinton to authors Yann Martel and Nicholson Baker, the writers,
scientists, educators, humorists, and celebrities featured in this book
write about their favorite words and why they are so enamored
with them. The entries cover a range of responses, some witty and
hilarious, some brilliant and profound, others linguistically clever and
poignant. For Mary Higgins Clark it's memory ("the DNA of a writer");
for Arianna Huffington, it's trust ("both unutterably sacred and the old
banana-skin joke on a cosmic scale"). Other favorite words include the
familiar (love, zest, goodness), the unfamiliar (cthonic, steatopygia,
irredentist), long words (horripilating) and short (sex), weird words
(jerzoid), and refreshingly down-to-earth words (egg). This cornucopia
of words is a frequently funny, sometimes eccentric, and often
surprisingly intimate and moving look into personality and language.