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The Gift of Age cover
Hilarious observations on the journey to the "golden age"

The Gift of Age

Wit and Wisdom, Information and Inspiration for the Chronologically Endowed, and Those Who Will Be

By Richard Lederer

$14.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781933338859

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A blend of touching stories, fascinating facts, and rollicking humor is
presented in this entertaining look at the jaunt towards senior
citizenship. Guaranteed to stir souls, stimulate minds, and tickle funny
bones, the chapters include "Why It’s Great to Be Chronologically
Endowed," "Grandkids Say the Darnedest Things," "The Lighter Side of Aging,"
and "Jest for the Health of It." Advice on enjoying one's golden years is
featured, from how to accumulate happiness and social wisdom to the
delights of retirement. With puns, jokes, riddles, and puzzles
illuminating important aspects on the aging process, this uproarious
guide also lists outstanding achievements by "chronologically gifted"
leaders, artists, writers, and athletes.