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The Best Words cover
A plethora of distinctive words for daily life

The Best Words

More than 200 of the Most Excellent, Most Desirable, Most Suitable, Most Satisfying Words

By Robert Hartwell Fiske

$14.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781933338828

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Those with a craving for superlative words will find this an uberous source. The Best Words will definitely be on my best-of-the-word-books bookshelf. —Mim Harrison, author of Smart Words and Wicked Good Words

Nominated by Vocabula Review readers and selected by the author, The Best Words includes choice expressions useful for everyday speaking and writing. Concluding with 150 challenging quiz questions to test comprehension, this collection also features sidebars with further explanation, derivations, and literary asides, making it ideal for students, writers, grammarians, and word lovers alike.