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First Love cover
The First Lady of the First Amendment

First Love

Memoirs of a First Amendment Freedom Fighter

By Jean Otto

$18.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781933338354

 Journalism History

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Jean Otto was a struggling single mother in rural Wisconsin when she submitted some columns she wrote to the local newspaper editor. The editor loved them, and a new career was launched. But Otto's career, and her influence on journalism and America, didn't stop in Appleton, Wisconsin. She rose to top editorial positions at major dailies and the presidency of the Society of Professional Journalists, and, perhaps most important, she founded the First Amendment Congress, a coalition of major press freedom organizations. In her autobiography, Otto shares the struggles of her youth and parenthood, the triumphs and challenges of her journalism career, and how those two parts of her life were inseparable. American journalism would not be the same without Jean Otto, and readers of her autobiography will be inspired by her story.