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Who Owns the Press? cover
Learn the inner workings of media management from the inside

Who Owns the Press?

Investigating Public vs. Private Ownership of American Newspapers

By Mary Jane Pardue

$24.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781933338309

 Media Management

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Anyone who cares about the future of journalism should read this book, as it explains clearly how ownership means that some media outlets perform better than others. —Chris Roush, author of "Profits and Losses"

Explaining why newspapers are failing and how they can survive, this unique account examines the operations of eight locally owned newspapers and attempts to determine whether their different business methods might put them at an advantage. Offering guidance on what journalists can expect next, this record provides insights into newspaper ownership and how it affects the news as well as details on the effects of sliding advertising dollars, rising production costs, and the threat of the internet as a news source. The family owned newspapers that were analyzed for this discussion include the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, the Tulsa World, and the Spokesman-Review.