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Les Brownlee cover
A groundbreaking journalist shares a lifetime of firsts

Les Brownlee

The Autobiography of a Pioneering African-American Journalist

By Les Brownlee

$16.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781933338293

 Diversity & Public Affairs , Journalism History

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"Brownlee offers a personal and inspiring look at a long and distinguished career, recalling the achievements as well as the disappointments of working in the media and its coverage of race issues." —Booklist

"The groundbreaking journalist's memoir chronicles his courageous journey through a childhood marred by racism and poverty to a lifetime of accomplishments." —Ebony

"Written with candor and alacrity." —Chicago Sun Times

Raised by a single mother in a racist Chicago suburb, Les Brownlee overcame hardships to become a journalism pioneer and educator. Though he lived in an era when most people of color were held back in both career and education, Brownlee played football for the University of Wisconsin, fought as an artillery officer in World War II, and launched a career in journalism that spanned 60 years. Throughout his life, Brownlee opened many new doors for the African American community, breaking into daily news reporting and television reporting and becoming a TV executive--all firsts for a person of color.