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The Ants Are My Friends cover
A guffaw-inspiring collection of puns centering on music lyrics

The Ants Are My Friends

A Punderful Celebration of Song

By Richard Lederer and Stan Kegel

$12.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781933338224

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When Bob Dylan crooned, "The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind,"
it turned out a lot of people thought he had declared an odd but worthy
allegiance to tiny creatures in trouble: "The ants are my friends,
blowin' in the wind!" Word lovers, pun lovers, music lovers, slaphappy
kids, and everyone with a sense of humor will groan mightily at this
collection of just such misunderstood, borrowed, fractured, and
pun-filled versions of song lyrics, compiled by two talented humorists,
both former International Punsters of the Year.