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The UnWord Dictionary cover
Hip wordies will delight in these newly invented yet sorely needed terms

The UnWord Dictionary

1,000 Words For Things You Didn't Think Had Words!

By Steve Kiehl

$12.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781933338194

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The only reference that collects words which are too new for
dictionaries but absolutely perfect when heard in context, this
collection of 1,000 "unwords" contains plenty of indispensable terms.
What to call yucky slime at the tip of a lotion dispenser? Accumulotion,
of course! How to refer to a receding hairline? A former forehead is
now a fivehead. Children complaining when their peas roll into their
applesauce at dinner? At last there's a name for that errant pea: it's a
foodgitive. Word-lovers will laugh at the ingenious names for as yet
unnamed things, which will surely find their way into readers' personal