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The Speechwriter's Handbook of Humor cover
How to hook an audience with humor

The Speechwriter's Handbook of Humor

A Practical Guide to Getting Laughs in Public Speeches and Presentations

By Robert Orben

$6.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781933338187

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Enables even novices to give polished speeches with bomb-proof humor. —Terrance McCann, executive director, Toastmasters International

With sage advice on adding some laughter to oral presentations, this master guide to using humor in speeches teaches the tact and timing necessary for dropping successful one-liners. All speaking occasions can benefit from a little levity, and the right quip at the right time can put both the speaker and his or her audience at ease. The book is organized alphabetically so the speaker can easily find the right joke or piece of speaking advice; the entries under "G," for example, include graduation speeches, dealing with glitches, and grabbing an audience. With the hundreds of jokes and expert advice in this collection, novices and more experienced speakers can add polish to their presentations and effectively open the ears of their listeners.