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The Buzzword Dictionary cover
A tool to put a "buzzkill" on buzzwords

The Buzzword Dictionary

1,000 Phrases Translated from Pompous to English

By John Walston

$12.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781933338071

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Pompous jargon pervades English these days, from corporate speak to
silly legalisms. This lighthearted look at how English is being mangled
reveals the underlying meaning, as well as the attitudes behind the
meaning, of more than one thousand buzzwords. Readers will discover that "learning opportunity" is a nice way of saying "mistake"; a "lawn
mullet" is a yard that's neatly trimmed out front but growing long in
the back; and a "meanderthal" is someone who has a hard time getting to
the point when telling a story. Accompanied by fifteen illustrated cartoons,
this comical look at language shows how combining words can give way to
new meanings.