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Covering Business cover
Cultivate the tools to report on business

Covering Business

A Guide to Aggressively Reporting on Commerce and Developing a Powerful Business Beat

By Robert Reed, Glenn Lewin

$18.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9781933338019

 Business Journalism

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Reed and Lewin offer hope for dysfunctional business news operations everywhere with a guide that's smart and practical and steeped with real-world examples. —Glenn Coleman, Assistant Managing Editor, Money

This guide for journalists teaches how to develop an effective business beat, report on public and private companies, cultivate sources inside
and outside a corporation, use business databases and websites and write business articles that hook readers. Learn how to:

  • Develop an effective, must-read business section
  • Work an investigative business story
  • Effectively cover public and private companies
  • Cultivate sources inside and outside a corporation
  • Find business info in databases, libraries and online
  • Write business articles that hook readers
  • Expand your market to TV, radio and the Web