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Pen & Sword cover
Cover the military with expertise

Pen & Sword

A Journalist's Guide to Covering the Military

By Ed Offley

$24.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9780966517644

 Diversity & Public Affairs

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Covering defense and the military is much more than a regular beat. Stories written b military reporters can range from an interview with a local recruit heading off to boot camp to coverage of a war on foreign soil. In between are thousands of stories about local and regional military installations, exercises and operations, businesses that support the military, and the thousands of people involved. Pen & Sword will help military reporters, from novices to veterans, understand

  • Military basics
  • How to organize a military beat
  • Protocol for interviewing military personnel
  • How to go into the field with military units
  • How to deal with the Pentagon
  • How to cover the defense industry.

Pen & Sword also contains 13 case studies that graphically illustrate the military beat, a background reading list, and a glossary of acronyms.