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Bad News and Good Judgment cover
Know how to report ethically challenging stories in your community

Bad News and Good Judgment

A Guide to Reporting on Sensitive Issues in a Small-Town Newspaper

By Jim Pumarlo

$18.95 • Trade Paper • ISBN 9780966517613


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This book should be on the desk of every community newspaper editor... —Linda Falkman, Executive Director, Minnesota Newspaper Association

If you read Jim Pumarlo's book and heed his practical advice, you'll have a huge advantage the next time an ethical problem arises--you'll have the structure, policies and guidance to make the right decision. —Mary Glick, Associate Director, American Press Institute

This book helps small-town editors decide how to report on sensitive issues such as suicides, sexual abuse, and accidents. It helps them answer these questions:

  • Should we print accident-scene photos? If so, how?
  • Do we report the suspensions of star student athletes?
  • How do we cover the suicide of a community member?
  • How can we be sensitive to crime victims?
  • Do we let our reporters use confidential sources?
  • How do we develop our newsroom policies on ethical issues?
  • How do we communicate our policies to our readers?