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Dudley cover
A Timeless Anti-Bullying Story for All Ages


By Ellsworth E. Zahn

$15.95 • Cloth • ISBN 9780963730817

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A charming story with a powerful message that combines the elements of classic children's tales. —Jim Dickey, San Jose Mercury News

Filled with an all-bug cast and bursting with detailed illustrations from the colorful town of Bugville, this story revolves around Dudley,
an ugly worm who is misunderstood and unfairly judged by his peers. Sadly, he becomes what he is told he is. Then, the insightful Solomon
Bookworm comes along, praising him for his uniqueness. Immediately responding to Solomon's encouragement, Dudley begins to realize his
dreams and his destiny. This tale, first published in 1996, has a powerful moral—how words can impact the feelings and actions of others—and a story that resonates just like the classic stories of traditional children's literature.